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A home DNA test kit is utterly used in sample stage of a home based DNA paternity test. When you get the kit you will find that it has two components a cotton swab as well as sampling tubes. The products that are found in the tube are used to determine the genetic link of a child and the parents.

This process is not complicated as anyone can do it and there is no training required. The cotton swab is what is used to get the cheek specimens that are found inside the mouth, and then rub. When you do a few rubs on the inner part of both your cheeks you should end up with sufficient material to be used to carry out a full DNA paternity test.

To ensure that you get nothing but exact outcome you should use one kit per person. When you do this the chances of their being a mix-up between the samples are slim. Doing this will help make sure that the result that you get is reliable. The samples that you take should be put in the containers. Doing this will help make sure that there is the preservation of the cellular materials that is present on the swab. It will also contribute to ensure that the environment will not contaminate the sources of the cell.
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When it comes to testing, in most cases mothers do not take the test and this kit is primarily employed by a child and the father. If this is the case the sample of the child and the father are essential. Though it is desirable to have a sample from the mother, it is not something that is essential.
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After the samples have been taken from the parties involved; then it is mailed to the testing company so that it can be analyzed. The the outcome of the test should be sent back within a few weeks. The results that are given should offer clear and unambiguous outcome that answers the question about the biological relationship between the father and the child.

In case the testing is to be used in the court of law and needs a legal standing, a hone DNA test is not usually admissible. If you need something that will be presented to court then you should know that the testing needs to be rigorous. Everything needs to be handled with cautious even the taking of the sample needs to be witnessed and be well documented. The court will also demand to see images of the people taking the test. It is best if you go to court and learn about the things that you need to have and how to carry out the test.

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