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How You Can Use a Dog Kennel to House Train Your Dog

There are plenty of reasons why a dog owner should have at least one dog crate or vari kennel. It is the type of crate that is more suitable for transporting your dogs but another reason is that you can use it to house train your dog. Using this crate is really very simple because of the fact that dogs do not want to “go” in places where they sit or sleep. However to make this really worth the effort you need to be very consistent. Your furry pet will learn quickly through this.

How does one get started on using a crate for house training a puppy? It is very easy. You start with the right sized crate. You need a crate that is just enough for your dog to be able to stand or sit and lie in. Do not get one that is way too big or the dog will eliminate is the farthest corner.

Puppies have very small bladder, which they also do not know how to control so they eliminate very often. Establish a schedule to make this work. You aslo need to stick to the same times daily. In this regard, you also need to be consistent with feeding times. Depending on the dog breed or their size, they might need to “go” every 4 hours or at least two. You must also remember that puppies tend to eliminate after waking up, or after playing and eating.

Puppies enjoy getting rewards and rewards encourage the dog to repeat the desired task or behavior. Giving your dog a food reward is the easiest but you can also use toys or praises or a few minutes or play time. Reward you pet after he or she does business in proper areas. There will be times when the dog will accidentally mess in the crate but do not punish him for this, just take him out immediately and clean it. Leaving the dog inside the crate with his urine or poo far too long will send him the wrong message.

As a summary, every dog owner need a vari kennel not only for travelling with the pet but also for house training the puppy effectively and inexpensively. For years this method is being used by both dog lovers and professional dog trainers. This training, like all other types of training for dogs, can be challenging but you can make this work. Just remember that to make this work one should always be consistent. Also, it is very important to start the puppy on this kind of training as soon as he arrives in your home. Lastly, make sure that you buy a crate that is tough and sturdy. To get the best vari kennel, click here.

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