VoIP SIP Trunking Services

CarolinaDigital200x60Utilize network capacity, improve ROI, and take your existing network into the future. Carolina Digital’s SIP Trunking Services is a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Voice over IP (VoIP) trunking service that integrates voice and data on a single network. This enables you to optimize the network capacity and flexibility of your existing PBX or key system investments, and also provides the foundation for advanced services.

Carolina Digital’s SIP Trunking Solution
Get the most out of your current equipment. By converging voice and data lines onto a single IP-based trunk, Carolina Digital’s SIP Trunking Services can help you handle more traffic and:

  • Obtain better utilization of your capacity by taking advantage of unused bandwidth
  • Benefit from voice compression technology which transports more voice traffic on the same size circuit, with no appreciable loss of quality
  • Support connectivity with IP PBXs, traditional TDM PBXs or key systems
  • Dynamically allocate bandwidth to allow for variations in call volume and data usage such as seasonal demand, new product launches, batch jobs, etc.

Improve cost-effectiveness with SIP Trunking
Take advantage of the cost efficiencies that come with consolidating voice and data with Carolina Digital’s SIP Trunking Services:

  • Single streamlined, updated network is faster, more secure and easier to manage; fewer connection points means fewer delays
  • Reduced costs and billing complexities associated with separate voice lines, phone numbers, and providers
  • Centralization of services reduces the need for physical equipment in individual locations

Invest in your future with SIP Trunking
Prepare for the next generation of your network. Carolina Digital’s SIP Trunking Services replaces physical voice trunks with logical, virtual ones, which should make your network more efficient and intelligent. New applications and capabilities such as IP conferencing, instant messaging, and “presence” are easy to incorporate once you have moved to Carolina Digital’s SIP Trunking Services.

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