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Why do cyber-criminals target small businesses? While there are many reasons why a cyber criminal can target a small business, there are some fundamental reasons that business leaders need to know. Below is a list of the top reasons why cyber-threats target small businesses.

Small businesses are much more likely to have a reduced or non-existent IT team. This means that devices, networks, websites, and servers are probably not up to date with best practices, have not installed the latest updates for their software and devices, and there is no one to take control of a situation if an attack occurs. Small businesses have much simpler networks than large companies. A large company can have a room full of servers, or more than one server room, connecting hundreds or thousands of computers and dedicated devices to different tasks. A small business can have only one server, if any, and a handful of computers and devices with a much less sophisticated configuration.

Small businesses can rely more on the cloud than a large company with the IT infrastructure that meets their own needs. Every time you access the cloud, store or share something, you put the data out there, but this also puts the network and the company in danger. And then there’s a chance that the cloud hosting server you’re using is targeted and hacked, even if it’s not your fault, which puts your company at risk once again.

Small businesses are more likely to rely on a third-party software suite than a large company. A large company is more likely to have a proprietary or in-house solution, too. Using an external solution to respond to an action on the Internet puts a business in a tough spot. The first problem concerns the connection itself, which may or may not be secure, and then there is the opportunity for hackers to target that service and then use it as a gateway to the computer network.

General threats are those that may be encountered by a sector or business in general. For example, a software company has developed a new method of payment management and it is adopted by retailers. Visit for more details.

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