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In-Home Care Assistance

Facilities such as assisted living and nursing homes are more expensive compared to care in-home assistance. Upon reaching the decision that a loved one should stay in a home, it is advisable to first know the cost of the facility you are taking them and compare with others. Get the rates of different homes and compare the prices to ensure you get a good bargain. A senior home that provides 24-hour assistance to the residents is preferred. These in-home facility provide a personalized assistance to your loved one. The needs of a resident in an in-home are catered for personally by a care-giver who is assigned to each resident.

In-homes are different because it is one resident one caregiver other facilities like nursing homes or assisted living have one caregiver serving several residents. It is as a result not easy to give each resident the needed care they deserve.

The in-home care payments are paid using different ways. First, long term care that is paid privately is where the resident is taken care of from their assets, income, saving or investments. Another one is where the insurance comes in and pays for prolonged care. This type of payment is appropriate, popular and used often. This type of in-home payment is an insurance policy that is offered in the market.

Reverse mortgages are also used to pay for in-home care. Several expenses incurred by the resident can be paid easily using reverse mortgages no wonder its popularity. All the expenses are paid with ease using reverse mortgage and therefore seniors are able to stay for long in a in-home care facility. Most of the needs by a resident are payable using reverse mortgage.

The pension obtained from the veteran administration or attendance pension is what can be used to pay for in-home care. In the case of veteran or if deceased the surviving spouse takes on active duty for 90 days they are eligible for the VA that is a pension attached even to those aged and disabled.

The last resort for is the government assistance for the senior home cares. The seniors who cannot pay for their stay in assisted living home or in-homes are catered for by the government who use the medical aid system.

There are those seniors who use life insurance policy to pay for their home care while at the same time planning ahead which has lately become the only option there is left in the modern day. While insurance policies for long term care are readily available, in case you do not intend to be active in your sunset years then it is paramount that you consider taking up the long term care insurance.

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